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Maker coding study with
Dr. Seung-Jun Ha, Seoul National University

In addition to development of educational content and production of educational materials
(e.g. 3D pen, 3D coding drone, etc.), we have produced in-house educational materials customized for each educational content.

3D Pen Creative Education

3D pen is a part of 3D printing, and anyone can enjoy 3D education easily. Unplugged software play education with no computer can be learned through a 3D pen.

Coding-utilized Education

This is a basic education for the software, an essential element of the 4th industrial revolution. The difficult computer language has been optimized for coding education by simplifying it into blocks.

Coding 3D Drone Education

This is a software education to create and control the “drone”, the core of the 4th industrial revolution, with coding software. We can train the makers with [drone x 3D printing x coding flight].

Coding Education with Arduino

A core element of the 4th industrial revolution! This is an educational material designed to learn the software from the basics step by step. Based on the Scratch optimized for education by simplifying the difficult coding language into blocks, you can create your own products and also learn the smart farm by inputting the coding into the Arduino.

Education for the use of 3D Printer

Muhansangsang (infinite imagination) Creation Class of Genie Coding Edu Co., Ltd is the book that the readers can look and follow the details easily, which let the people who are experiencing the 3D printing for the first time could be able to learn general knowledge for the use of 3D printer independently, and also let the people who do not have knowledge related to the Modeling and 3D printer could be able to follow by themselves without any difficulties. You can learn definition and classification, classification of the materials etc. including the printing method of the images by converting the pictures to G-code and the method to print out my own design using 123D modeling together with various practical examples. etc.

Education for the use of 3D printer + Drone + Coding

You can learn the history and structural principles of drone from Muhansangsang (infinite imagination) Creation Class of Genie Coding Edu Co., Ltd and also, you can assemble the drones of your own and on the other hand, we provide drone flying class as well. We also provide the scratch coding + controlling class which is consisted of class that you can design the drone body freely. You can learn the history and structural principle of drone and also, you can design drone body of your own and coding it using scratch coding which makes it possible for you to create unique DIY drone of your own.