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Development of Educational Content

We focus on a certain gap in public education as well as on a student’s initiatives to actively lead a project and consistently pursue his or her curiosity.

Introduction of Jini Coding Course

Introducing ‘Jini Coding Course’, we have offered 3D-based creative convergence courses to schools, individuals and public institutions.

Maker coding education

Ranged from scratch-based basic coding (e.g. coding drone, coding board, etc.) to invention patent application, we provide a total education program based on step-by-step curricula.

Branch/academy franchise business

Backed by state-of-the-art educational materials and trendy educational curriculum, Jini Edu Tech will shape its future together with children.

Basic coding courses

Basic coding courses for those elementary school students who would get ahead of the mandatory coding education era

License / contest preparation courses

License/contest preparation courses that cover App Inventor, Python programming and C language programming as well as Olympiad in Informatics

Advanced coding courses

Making/coding courses that allow each student to implement his own drone based on Arduino, 3D printing, robot coding and drone coding

General invention production project

Invention production project that covers from advanced 3D technology to product invention / production

General/special tutor training courses

Tutor training courses coupled with the maker coding capstone project

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Educational service business

In addition to development of educational content and production of educational materials
(e.g. 3D pen, 3D coding drone, etc.), we have produced in-house educational materials customized for each educational content.

In-house development of 3D printer and 3D pen

We train future talents through creative convergence education linked with our unique 3D printer, 3D pen and training materials.

In-house development of 30 textbooks

In addition to tailor-made educational materials and tools (e.g. 3D pen, scratch, coding drone, 3D printer, Arduino, etc.), we provide customized learning kits for enthusiastic children.

101 Coding Lab Com Academy

We have provided a broad range of 3D-based creative convergence maker curricula to schools, individuals and public institutions.