3D Creative Fusion Maker Coding

Hi, everyone.
This is Jini Edu Tech specialized in creative convergence maker coding.

Incorporated in 1998 as INCOM Information, Jini Edu Tech has become an educational technology specialist focused on differentiated content and knowhow. Providing diverse educational content and advanced curricula through in-house development of essential educational materials for knowledge industries (e.g. 3D printer, 3D pen, Arduino, AI, etc.), every employee at Jini Edu Tech has made their best endeavors to capitalize on boundless potentials in schools, public institutions and nationwide academy franchises. Top priority for us now is fast ‘execution’ that enables us to quickly respond to any change.

Fueled by unstoppable passion, Jini Edu Tech will continue to innovate itself to repay each and every customer’s trust and support. Thank you.

Jini Edu Tech Employees.


MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY Management Philosophy of Jini Edu Tech

Technological innovation

Future development means company growth, and is the most important basis for such growth. We will make continued technological innovation to take a step forward and make sustainable growth.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Jini dares a new challenge. We have worked really hard to become a winner in the fourth industrial revolution.

Technical progress

Jini always researches and develops only the best products. Each and every one of our competent engineers puts his best efforts into each product.